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Complete Transformation Plan

complete transformation


  • Weeks 1-4:              Two Complete shakes per day.
  • Weeks 5 & 6:          One Complete shake per day and add Juice Plus Trio.
  • After Week 6:        One Complete shake a day or every other day.

Continue to eat clean, exercise and take your Juice Plus.

BREAKFAST & DINNER:         Juice Plus+ Complete Whole Food Shake Mix.

Add a scoop of Juice Plus+ Complete powder to one cup of almond milk, soymilk, rice milk, juice or cold water.  Stir, shake, or blend until smooth.  For added nutrition and variety, experiment with additional wholesome ingredients such as fruits and berries, kale or spinach.  Favorite recipes:

            8 ozs. of OJ with calcium, one banana, frozen strawberries & Vanilla Complete.

            Kale, spinach, frozen banana, almond milk, ice, cinnamon & Vanilla Complete.

LUNCH: Eat a healthy, solid meal – big veggie meal with a small portion of organic or wild meat if you want meat (with no potatoes) and you can eat some small amounts of whole grains (1/2 cup).  NO BREAD, NO PASTA, NO PROCESSED FOODS-COOKIES, CAKES, CRACKERS, CHIPS. 

WATER:  Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water per day (unless you have a sodium deficiency). This will help you get to your ideal weight and flush toxins.

SNACKS:  Consider raw veggies & fruits, seeds & nuts … fruits & veggies mid-morning and seeds/nuts mid-afternoon. Not too many seeds/nuts as they are high in fat, though still a healthy replacement.  The less the ingredients, less it tends to be an unhealthy food.

JUICE PLUS:  Take two Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blend capsules to give your body a lot of extra phytonutrients!  I suggest taking the 2 Orchard for breakfast, 2 Garden for lunch and the 2 Vineyard for the evening meal.  This allows your body to detox and sends signals to your liver to access fat stores.

EXERCISE:  Crucial to this program is regular physical activity.  A 30 minute walk at least 5 days per week at a brisk pace and some sort of resistance training twice per week.  The resistance training sessions can take the place of the walk if you are breathing harder than normal during your workouts.  Check with your doctor if you have not been exercising!

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